Friday, August 16, 2013

Oil, gas and fracking Lincolnshire, part 4

The Elephant in the Landscape

Listening to the reports on the BBC and elsewhere this morning, it is clear that something is not being discussed in all the hoopla over whether to frack or not to frack at Balcombe.
The talk is all of water supplies and pollution, of earthquakes, of noise and of other local issues. This, of course, is exactly what the industry and their government backers want us to discuss because they know that all these local issues can be portrayed as nimbyism, can be regulated, managed and mitigated and are not all that serious in the great scheme of things.

Keep talking, keep talking but don't mention global warming.

Let's get it straight: 
  • these local issue probably won't kill many people.
  • global warming could wipe out all life on Earth
We don't have the carbon budget to burn even half of the EXISTING PROVED fossil fuel reserves. Exploring for additional reserves is simply daft.

People who support fracking yet deny man-made global warming are either:
  • fools 
  • knaves 
  • do not understand climate science 
  • do not care about their grandchildren 
  • and possibly all of the above. 
Let's involve global warming in all conversations about fracking. It is the one thing to which the industry can have no answer.


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