Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Graph that Matters

This is the graph that should have every politician going OMG WTF and be front page news everywhere, but outside the world of climate geeks it's been pretty much ignored.

The grey lines show global surface temperature records, month by month, going back to 1880 with just the six most recent coloured in red and this year's temperatures up to August coloured green.

The climate deniers had the silly people believing there was some kind of 'pause' or 'hiatus' in the relentless march of global warming but we've know all along that with over 90% of the planet's heat gain that our greenhouse gas emissions are causing, ending up in the oceans, measuring surface temperatures is only a rough proxy for global warming.  It would take an El NiƱo year for some of that heat to come up again and that's exactly what we are seeing now.

The observations demonstrate that the climate scientists have been right all along and yet the politicians, the news media and pretty much everybody, fret about anything they can except the climate catastrophe.


Blogger John Palkovic said...

About the graph, what is going on with the numbers on the left side? Are those truncated '+' signs? Do you have an original source URL for this graph?

1:52 pm  

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