Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus 13

16th March 2020

We can do a lot whilst waiting for our government to get its act together.

1. Assume that we have Covid-19. (It might be the case.)
2. Behave in a way that slows its spread to other, perhaps more vulnerable, people.
3. Maximise personal hygiene. (Soap*) 
4. Meet as few people as we can.
5. Remember we are doing this to minimise peak demand on NHS so that deaths in the UK can be counted in hundreds of thousands not millions.

*That soap thing, it really does work. The virus is essentially a piece of RNA, the genetic bit that allows replication, and some proteins and enzymes that do the damage, all held together with a lipid or fatty material. Here's the vulnerability. If soap touches, it all falls apart. End of virus. So the advice to wash thoroughly with soap is good. Very good. 

Of course a lot of us will need to interact closely with others to keep society functioning. The above five points still apply and should be kept in mind all the time. Even when we are necessarily with others.

But we all need to do whatever we can. Today I was planning to travel from Lincolnshire to London for the launch of the film, The Sequel, based on the life and works of my late friend David Fleming. It was to be a lovely evening, celebrating David Fleming's vision for the future with the best of people, Caroline Lucas, Kate Raworth, Rob Hopkins and Shaun Chamberlin. It isn't going to happen. 

Still, there will be an opportunity to share in this no-longer-a-real-event tonight online.
More information of how you can join us at The Sequel.

And more still on Shaun's blog at Dark Optimism.

Stay safe, keep others safe, and we'll build a better world on the other side. Meanwhile this is a good moment to read David Fleming's works, Lean Logic and Surviving the Future.


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