Saturday, March 21, 2020

Coronavirus 16

21st March 2020

13/03/2020 11
14/03/2020 21
14/03/2020 35
16/03/2020 55
17/03/2020 71
18/03/2020 104
19/03/2020 144
20/03/2020 177
21/03/2020 233
22/03/2020  281
23/03/2020  335

If the UK death count continues to double every 3 days then we pass a million before end April. If we do the right things it might not.

I'll keep it brief because I want you to read two lengthy articles:

The first is science. It's the second on the subject from Tomas Pueyo et al.
This is a tremendously important article. Quite long, already more than a day old in this fast-moving world, but absolutely necessary that everybody understands the message contained.
Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance

The second is politics. It concerns how we in the UK got to where we are right now. We don't yet know whether Mr Johnson and his government will be responsible, by their bad decision making and inaction, for thousands or millions of avoidable deaths. We will only see that in the rear-view mirror. But right now we have to understand the history of the past fortnight. It is outlined by Alex Wickham and the good folk at BuzzFeed.
10 days that changed Britain

Please read these two articles, pass them on to as many people as you can, and act thereon.

Right, I'm off to the veg plot because this year I aim to grow a surplus. Just in case others don't.

And here's a short film, horrifying, yet beautiful.


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