Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Coronavirus 56 Two Herd Immunities

Herd immunity occurs when a sufficiently large proportion of the population are immune to infection that the R number is well below 1, the virus finding it hard to find a new vulnerable person. The epidemic then dies out.

Herd immunity is achieved by either vaccination or by people catching the disease and recovering, their immunity improved. The advantage of immunity by vaccination is that one does not become ill. The whole point of the vaccination programme is to create herd immunity without people becoming ill. To be successful most of the population needs to be vaccinated, and that includes children.

The UK Government has adopted a hybrid policy, vaccinating a large proportion of only the adult population and allowing the infection to spread amongst the unvaccinated. This has been the policy from the outset, with the rate of disease spread managed to 'flatten the curve' and 'save the NHS' but minimising death and disease has never been the priority. The zero covid strategy of suppression and elimination, adopted by many nations, particularly in the eastern hemisphere, has never been accepted by the UK Government.

The relaxation of covid measures, announced yesterday and coming into effect on the 19th of July, confirms that the Government are relying on herd immunity created, at least in part, from people catching the disease and recovering with immunity.

The difference between herd immunity by vaccination and herd immunity by infection is the morbidity and mortality rates. The inevitable outcome of the Government's policy is more death and disease. It will reduce the health of the nation.

The Government's approach is criminal.

It is tremendously important to listen to the doctors and scientists. Following the Government's announcement an emergency press conference was held. I commend it:



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