Friday, May 22, 2020

Coronavirus 29

Friday 22nd May 2020

Yesterday in the Downing Street Briefing the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, said:

"antibody tests suggest that 17% of people in London and 5% in the rest of the country may have had coronavirus."

5% of UK population is 3,350,000. Add some more for the higher rate in London and we have a rough figure of 4 million people having had the virus. We've had over 63,600 deaths according to the Chris Giles / Financial Times estimate or 36,042 according to the government. Choose your preferred number but this at last allows us to do a calculation of the case fatality rate. Either way, we get figures of just under 1% or about 1.5%.

For a so-called 'herd immunity' of 80% we need getting on for a million deaths. That's the Government plan is it? It's not my plan.

Remember they said 'Protect the NHS'. 'Flatten the curve'. New Zealand, Vietnam and others took a different approach - 'We will not let our people die'.

Protect the NHS was a Big Lie. The NHS is there to protect the people, not t'other way round. Flattening the curve was not about avoiding COVID-19 deaths but spreading the deaths out through time.

We must not accept that half a million or a million more deaths are inevitable. The Government may have done everything wrong for the last three months but that is no reason to keep doing everything wrong. There must, even now, be a change in strategy.

We must eliminate the virus.

other approaches to dealing with COVID-19 are available.


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