Sunday, May 24, 2020

Coronavirus 30A

Sunday 24th May 2020

This is a continuation of last night's post, Coronavirus 30. Please read it first. And if you skipped reading the article by Gian Volpicelli linked half way way through please read that too.

For the last several years I've been pointing out that we are on the road to fascism, the Brexit affair providing a particular boost to the journey. Of course few, if any, took the warning seriously, but the mistake, easily made, was to assume that a new fascism would look like the old fascism, would be recognised and stopped in its track. But no, though there is much that can be learnt from history, it does not repeat itself, at least not in the details.

In last night's bloglet I copied a thread of tweets from Carole Cadwalladr. She starts:

Why does the Cummings story matter? And what does it obscure? The real story is the huge transfer of government assets to private companies that he is overseeing under cover of a pandemic

Brexit gave much cover for this restructuring of British governance, economy and society to the neo-liberal agenda but SARS-CoV-2 has boosted the Bad Boys' cause enormously. For starters, the economic downside, for the all but a tiny minority, of Brexit is lost as noise in the catastrophe of the pandemic.

We can now be confident that the COVID-19 case fatality rate is in the region of 1%, as explained in my piece a few days ago, Coronavirus 29. At the beginning of February, the UK had the chance of avoiding pretty much any deaths. My piece on the 7th of February recommended stopping all incoming flights. Vietnam and New Zealand are two countries of enormous contrasts but had in common a determination to avoid deaths at any cost and knew that the first step was to stop the virus entering the land and second was to trace and eliminate any outbreaks where the first step failed. They succeeded in preventing almost all deaths. The UK could have been in the same position.

At the beginning of March the UK had the chance to learn from Italy being caught unawares. Germany did. They're deaths are a fraction of the UK's. But on the 12th March the UK government abandoned any moral sense. The tracking and tracing was abandoned and we were told to take it on the chin with the Big Lie of protecting the NHS (see again Coronavirus 29 ).

That was the turning point when the UK Government decided it was just fine to allow 1% of the population to die. Why?  As Carole Cadwalladr points out, to provide cover for the huge transfer of government assets to private companies that Dominic Cummings is overseeing.

This is the New Fascism. It has only just begun.

When it's all over, we'll need to thank Carole Cadwalladr.


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